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    Applying Decals

    Decals should be applied to smooth, clean surfaces. If you have any concerns or questions even after reviewing the video and instructions below, please reach out to me via email (



    Step 01

    Set the decal face down onto a hard surface (not onto carpet or a rug). Press the decal down with a hard flat object. A credit card will work fine if you don't have anything else. This will help the decal be fully stuck to the transparent transfer film on top.

    Step 02

    Keeping the decal face down, begin peeling the backing paper off slowly. Doing this at a low angle will help the decal not stick to the backing paper.

    Step 03

    Clean the area you're going to apply the decal and then position the decal over  the area you'd like to place it. Do not place the entire decal at once. Instead place only a small portion and then use the same hard flat object to evenly press it out onto the surface. For curved surfaces I recommend starting in the center vs. for flat surfaces I recommend starting in a corner and moving out diagonally from there. Be sure to completely press down the decal.

    Step 04

    You can let the decal sit for a few minutes to give the adhesive time to fully stick. Then remove the transfer paper. Again, doing this at a low angle will help prevent lifting.

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